Get to know Time2Work

A few words about time2work – job agency

Candidate, employee! We are an employment agency. Are you sure that you understand our services well? Check it!
An employment agency is an agent on your career patch. Otherwise we can say – your representative. Why? The recruitment process is free.  We present your candidacy to the employer. We negotiate the contract conditions and also take care of all formalities to be clearly processed. Thats for to give you a LEGAL employment.
Time2work is a polish employment agency that has been offering foreigners work in Poland for years. We hire for reliable and proven employers, and 70% of our temporary employees work for more than a year.

Why find a job in Poland with time2work?

  • We take care of the legality of both your stay and work.
  • We complete all the formalities related to documents.
  • In most offers you get free accommodation.
We are associated with TimeTax, which has been successfully providing tax settlement services for people working abroad, including the Netherlands, Germany, Austria or Belgium and Poland since 2006. Thus, you can use the services of professionals in the field of settlement and increase your salary by the tax refund

Remote recruitment

Tax refund

Legal employment


Safe transport

Direct employment

Legal work in Poland

Only legal work and employment! Why? It’s easy – when you work according to the law you can be sure that you will get your salary and the employer respects your rights. This is not a joke – work is important, but its legality is no less important.
Check out our job offers and what type of employment is proposed, ask about the trial period and remuneration. Do not work illegal – it is not worth it. You can be deported.

No fees are charged from our Candidates for our services. We also do not deduct any fees from your salary. The remuneration for the recruitment is paid to us by the Employer. Go ahead to contact us, we will help you find the best job.
As an employment agency, we have two types of job offers – the first one is work that is regulated by a contract signed between you and your direct employer. The second one is based on contract signed with us. You can always ask the recruiter what type of contract will connect you with the employer as a part of the offer you are interested in.
Our recruiter is obliged to provide you with such information. If the form of employment is important to you, please inform our employee about this fact, then we will be able to give you another offer or renegotiate it with an direct employer. Remember – an employment agency cannot always offer you indirect employment.

Applying for a residence card

We work with voivodeship offices and labor offices throughout Poland. As a result of our work, several hundred foreigners are already working legally. We assure you that, like no other, we will find a way to circumvent the ever-changing administrative rules of legalizing employment!

We will help those who do not find their way in the polish complicated administrative system. On the basis of a power of attorney, we will apply for a Residence Card and provide you with precise instructions on how to proceed when submitting your imprints. A Residence Card will allow you to legally stay and work in Poland for up to 3 years. Therefore, it is worth making an effort to obtain it.
We can also verify the correctness of the documents you have prepared and the application you have filled out on your own or fill out the application for you. As part of the consultation, we can also verify that the documents you are working under are up to date.
Learn more about our services for obtaining a TRC.

Getting a visa

Since 2016, we have been learning about the problems faced by foreigners wishing to work in Poland. One of them is the administrative complexities they have to overcome to legally cross the country’s border. In response to these needs, we have prepared a service for obtaining visas. We will prepare a set of documents that you will submit to the appropriate office. Learn more about the service of obtaining visas.

Our certificates

KRAZ No. 13395 confirming that we have fulfilled all legal requirements for temporary work agencies, so we can offer employers the loan of temporary workers and you, the candidates, a job with our agency.